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What is a molded pallet

  What is a molded pallet?

  In 1971, Werzalit Company invented the patented technology of making particleboard by adding wood fiber materials mixed with thermosetting resin and wood particles into metal molds. Litco used this technology to establish the first presswood pallet plant (Presswood Pallet Plant) in 1979.

What is a molded pallet,molded pallet

  The raw materials for the pallet are wood shavings, plant straws, etc. It is an integral structure, and the panel and 9 supporting feet are molded at one time. The surface of the pallet board is flat and smooth, which can meet the transportation of various goods, and the lower surface is equipped with reinforcing ribs. The horizontal and vertical force of the board is balanced, and the nine legs are distributed to meet the four-way insertion of the forklift. It is a flat four-way single-sided pallet.

  Molded pallets are an important type of molded shavings products. They are mainly used to move and store goods in docks, freight yards, warehouses, workshops, shopping malls and other places. They form a mobile unit or handling unit with the goods, and are combined with forklifts, trucks, cranes, etc Coordination effect. The general specifications of industrial pallets are 1000mm~1200mm, 1100mm~1100mm. The dynamic load capacity is about 1500kg, and the pallet's own weight is 15kg~20kg. The curved edge of the pallet, the grooved beam and the ingenious and perfect reinforcement design make the load up to 3000kg (static load).

  The entire production process of molded pallets is carried out under high temperature and high pressure, which kills any insects and fungi remaining in the wood. At the same time, due to the high density of the wood products produced, it can prevent any other insects from reproducing and re-invading. This molded product is the latest "man-made wooden packaging material" instead of the traditional "solid wood packaging material". Its products no longer need to be treated with insects, and there are no live insects in the products. It meets ISPM15 (Insternational Standard for Phytosanitary Measures 15 ) Demand for exported wood packaging products, and after various service life cycle fatigue tests, it can be shipped to other countries with the goods without any special treatment.

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