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Why do not need fumigation for export of moulded pallets

  Why do not need fumigation for export of moulded pallets? There are frequent trade exchanges between countries and frequent import and export of goods. In this process, if the wood products are not processed, insects and eggs may be hidden and introduced. Pests will break the ecological balance of the importing country, cause biological invasion, and may cause serious harm to agriculture and forest resources.

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  USDA has issued guidelines to reduce the risk of introducing pests from wood packaging. Because wooden packaging is often reused, the true source is difficult to determine, so its processing status is difficult to determine. Therefore, the United States Department of Agriculture adopted the international standard for wood packaging adopted by the Interim Plant Committee of the International Plant Protection Convention on March 15, 2002. By adopting this international standard, the US government has coordinated trade requirements with other countries that have adopted ISPM15 or are preparing to adopt this international standard. In order to regulate the wooden packaging entering North America, the International Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 standard will be implemented in the United States, Mexico, and Canada from September 16, 2005. Imported wooden packaging will be quarantined in accordance with the operating guidelines and procedures of the US Customs and Frontier Protection Agency. In order to prevent the wood packaging of the goods from being delayed or refused entry due to violation of regulations at the US ports, importers should confirm that all wood packaging has been processed and marked in accordance with ISPM15 and APHIS regulations.

  There are currently two main treatment methods for fumigation of wooden pallets: heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide. For heat treatment, when the wood packaging is processed, the wood center must reach a certain temperature and keep it for at least 30 minutes; for fumigation, the wood packaging must be fumigated in a closed place under the specified methyl bromide dose for at least 16 hours, and then placed in a ventilated place to make it The concentration of the fumigant drops below the safe concentration.

  The production process of moulded pallets is to dry wood chips to below 8% moisture and press them under high temperature and high pressure. In this process, potentially harmful insects and eggs have already been destroyed and will not regenerate. During the export process, there is no need to do any fumigation treatment, which has already been clearly stipulated in customs export.

  Therefore, the reason why moulded pallets can circulate quickly in the market and are widely praised by customers is that its convenience reduces costs and improves efficiency for enterprises. It is the best choice for export enterprises in the packaging process.

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