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What are the materials and advantages of molded wooden pallets

  What are the materials and advantages of molded wooden pallets?

  Due to the rapid economic development and the increase in trade, molded wooden pallets have a pivotal position. The performance and characteristics of wood products are derived from the wood itself, and the material is the decisive factor in determining the price of molded wooden pallets. The following are molded wooden pallets The company will show you the materials of molded wooden pallets.

molded wooden pallets,What are the materials and advantages of molded wooden pallets

  What are the materials of molded wooden pallets?

  1. Poplar

  It belongs to a broad-leaved tree species with loose and soft materials and poor durability. It is used to make pallets with lower load-bearing requirements.

  2. Pine

  It is a coniferous tree with many species and wide applicability. The texture is rough, hardwood, and beautiful. It is mostly used to make exquisite packaging, but the price is higher.

  3. Other

  When the pallet requirements are simple and there are no special regulations on the materials used, the moulded wooden pallet company will also use temporary pallets made of other miscellaneous woods, which will be cheaper in price. If you need it, you can directly communicate with the manufacturer.

  Advantages of molded wooden pallets

  1. Molded wooden pallets have a very stable production. Although the wood used is a natural material, after the later processing, it is not easily affected by many factors such as regional climate. Its good dry humidity makes the molded Wooden pallets are not prone to problems such as wind cracks, mildew, and insects.

  2. The service life of molded wooden pallets is longer than that of ordinary wooden pallets. Generally speaking, the turnover times are about 500-600 times. Moreover, nowadays, when producing molded wooden pallets, we also pay great attention to hygiene issues. All molded wooden pallets on the market need to be fumigated before they can be sold or exported. Of course, the time and cost of fumigation are very large. This also increases the cost of molded wooden pallets to a certain extent.

  The material and advantages of molded wooden pallets have been introduced to everyone here. It can be seen that molded wooden pallets are very good. Then, if there is a demand, you can find a professional and regular company to make molded wooden pallets for purchase.

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