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How long is the service life of solid wood pallets


About solid wood pallets:

How long is the service life of solid wood pallets?

The service life of solid wood pallets is generally about 5 years. However, if the wood pallets are accidentally broken or damaged during the loading and unloading and transportation of solid wood pallets, the service life of the wood pallets will be shortened. If the weight of the wood pallets is overloaded, or multi-layer stacking will cause the wooden pallet to break and collapse due to excessive pressure, and it will also shorten the service life of the solid wood pallet.

How long is the service life of solid wood pallets

Regarding the solid wood pallet in use:

In the process of using solid wood pallets, the operation must be standardized, and the forklifts are generally used for loading and unloading. Solid wood pallets have two-sided forks and four-sided forks. Forklifts only need to use two forks to align the forks of the wooden pallets. There is no impact or push during the process, which will not affect the normal use of the wooden pallets. The pallet warehouse is damp, and the wooden pallets will grow insects and mold over time, which will affect the service life of the wooden pallets. In use, about 80% of the damage is caused by improper operation, resulting in the solid wood pallet cannot be used normally. Let the solid wood pallets that can be used for 5 years have their service life shortened to 1 year, and some serious ones can be scrapped and cannot be used.

During the use of solid wood pallets, the load-bearing capacity and stacking methods of wooden pallets must be used reasonably. When using a forklift to move a solid wood pallet, the distance between the two forks should be as wide as possible to the outer edge of the fork inlet of the wooden pallet, and the cross depth should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the entire solid wood pallet. The wooden pallet should be transported at a constant speed. Up and down, avoid sudden brakes and sudden rotations to cause damage to the solid wood pallets. When using wooden pallets, avoid sunlight and rain as much as possible. For long-term storage indoors, keep well ventilated, cover with tarps, and check regularly to prevent solid wood pallets. Insects and mildew caused by damp noodles.

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