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How to keep press wood pallet dry


The press wood pallet needs to be kept dry:

As we all know, drying is an extremely important environmental factor for press wood pallet. If the storage environment is too humid, it will greatly affect the life of the press wood pallet. If you want to export, you must carry out strict fumigation and drying treatment. Today, Lemai's editor will introduce the important factors that affect the drying of press wood pallet.

How to keep press wood pallet dry

First of all, many people know that press wood pallet is the most widely used product, because it is easy to manufacture, high compressive strength, simple specimens, long-lasting durability, low price, and the main purpose is universal, so it is used in logistics and storage. It is extremely common and essential. Press wood pallet is made of solid wood panels or solid wood multi-layer boards. It is not known that because the wood itself has a lot of water, and the press wood pallet with more water content is not a qualified press wood pallet, so how to make the press wood pallet Dryness seems extremely important.

1. Drying speed

Drying should be carried out at a special rate. During the whole drying process, the surface water is first volatilized and removed, and then the internal water diffuses to the surface and volatilizes again. If the drying speed is too fast, it will cause pseudo-drying. The surface is already dry, but the internal drying is too late. This condition usually makes the surface look dry while the inside is moist, which will cause the material to deteriorate after a long period of storage.

2. Dry area

The total drying area size of the drying material plays a key role in drying. The larger the total drying area, the higher the efficiency of drying. If the drying material deposits thicker, the total drying area will be smaller, and the drying will be slower, and vice versa. In the whole drying process of raw materials, the rotating or hanging folding method is used, which means that the total drying area is increased and the drying efficiency is improved.

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