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How to remove mildew on molded wooden pallets


How to remove mildew on molded wooden pallets?

The development of many industries in life is closely related to molded wooden pallets. However, in the coming rainy season, molded wooden pallets are prone to mold. Once the molded wooden pallets are moldy and stained, it will not only affect the aesthetics of the pallets. To a certain extent, it will also restrict the economic development of enterprises. First of all, we must first understand the growth conditions of mold to effectively remove the mold on molded wooden pallets. The following editor will share with you the experience and methods.

How to remove mildew on molded wooden pallets

What is the cause of mold on molded wooden pallets?

Moldy molded wooden pallets are mainly caused by insufficient water removal in the production process of molded wooden pallets. Many growth companies, in order to reduce the inventory of raw materials as much as possible, need to put the felled wood into production as soon as possible. The water content of ordinary molded wooden pallets is only less than 20%, so it is in storage. During the process, many good anti-mold effects can be achieved. Different molds form mold spots of different colors on the surface of the wood. Therefore, the ends of logs, planks, and molded wooden pallets that have not been dried are prone to mold. The mold will invade the inside only under the conditions of low temperature.

Ways to deal with moldy molded wooden pallets:

1.One is to heat the molded wooden pallets, which actually extracts the moisture in the "body" of the molded wooden pallets to the surface and then undergoes a drying process. Although this method does increase the cost a lot for manufacturers, it has a very good effect on mold prevention.

2, it is air drying and kiln drying of molded wooden pallets, but both methods have certain limitations. For example, although the cost of air drying is relatively low, the time required to complete it is relatively long.

3. Moisture-proof agent: Nowadays, container desiccant (container desiccant) is commonly used in the world to prevent moisture. In order to prevent moisture from infiltrating, you can use the most hygroscopic calcium chloride desiccant, put it in the container, and check the container before packing. Whether it has been rinsed with water and whether it has been dried.

4. Soaking method can be used to remove mildew. For wood mildew, mildew stains, mildew spots, etc., it can be diluted with water with a strong mildew removal agent, and the dilution ratio is 1 to 2 times for soaking the product. The mold will be eliminated after drying. In view of the longer period of serious mildew, the wood mold will be eliminated by the soaking time of about 30-60 minutes.

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