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What are the advantages of molded wooden pallets


  Why do most people pay attention to molded wooden pallets? What are the advantages?

  If you want to choose a product, I believe many people may consider the product of molded wooden pallets. In fact, when faced with such a product, everyone has no idea why this product will be paid attention to buy more people, and what exactly Advantage?

What are the advantages of molded wooden pallets

  Reason 1: Save operation time

  When the molded wooden pallet is in actual use, it can effectively save operating time. At present, this product can realize all semi-automatic binding operations. Able to design rounded corners for 4 weeks. In the process of actual product design, packaging and handling must be done well to avoid a series of damage.

  Reason two: light weight

  The products of molded wooden pallets will also have certain materials. Generally speaking, they are all processed by molding. In the process of use, the hard material is selected as the main material, which is 50% lighter than ordinary pallet products.

  Reason three: maintain rigidity and strength

  During use, the equipment can effectively resist the defects of the wood itself, and its strength is much higher than that of traditional wood board assembly products.

  In addition to the above reasons, why the molded wooden pallets are so concerned in the process of use. At present, when they are in use, they can also be spliced ??with multiple different pallets. The dead load is ten times the dynamic load, and the entire pallet can be lifted from the surroundings with a forklift.

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