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What are the advantages of wooden pallets


  What are the advantages of wooden pallets?

What are the advantages of wooden pallets

  Product features of wooden pallets:

  (1) The moisture content is low, the date should be controlled between 6% and 8%, and the tray will not absorb moisture and will not be deformed.

  (2) The dimension is stable, the weight is stable, and there is no distortion and warpage.

  (3) The pressed wood product has high dimensional accuracy, and the design of the ribs ensures the strength and accuracy of the product.

  (4) Constant strength and rigidity can be guaranteed, the natural defects of wood are eliminated during the compression molding process, and its strength is higher than that of traditional assembled wood panels.

  (5) The weight is 50% lighter than hardwood pallet products.

  (6) The rounded corner design can prevent breakage during packaging and transportation, can realize automatic binding operation, and save operation time.

  (7) Many pallets can be stacked for stacking. A pallet with a height of 50 is about 7 feet. The static load is 10 times the dynamic load. A forklift can be used to shovel pallets from four sides.

  (8) It can meet import and export transportation without fumigation treatment.

  (9) The remaining wood processing, waste and low-grade wood can be used for manufacturing.

  (10) The product is an environmentally friendly product, which can achieve low-pollution reuse and recycling, and the recovery rate can reach 100%.

  (11) The product price is cheaper than the traditional conifer tee or broadleaf tree.

  (12) Environmentally friendly urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, which can be used for direct compression molding of embossing or wood fiber.

  (13) 100 pallets can be put into standard containers, which can minimize transportation costs.

  (14) The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach above 1500KG.

  (15) Compared with ordinary wooden pallets, the same number of pallets can save 3/4 of the space. Forklifts can load 6 pallets at a time, while ordinary wooden pallets can only load subsequent pallets, with the number between 18 and 20 pallets.

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