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What are the characteristics of disposable molded wooden pallets


What are the characteristics of disposable molded wooden pallets? How is the development?

The products of disposable molded wooden pallets are relatively good, and they are also popular on the market. The size of the whole product is relatively stable, and the weight is very light. However, from the current situation, the product can still get better during use. Recognition of many people.

What are the characteristics of disposable molded wooden pallets

Current development of disposable molded wooden pallets

One-time molded wooden pallets currently account for 3% of the entire pallet market. After 2010, compared with the previous market, the market share can basically increase. This increase is controlled at about 150%, but compared with other markets, the share is basically declining at a rate of 30% per year, and the market is mainly occupied by crushed pallets, because this pallet is a brand new environmentally friendly pallet. It pollutes the environment, and the value of raw materials used is a recyclable resource.

Equipment characteristics of disposable molded wooden pallets

During the actual use of the equipment, there is no need to do any new treatment at all, and wood can be used for processing, and the remaining waste and all low-grade wood can be manufactured together. This is a relatively environmentally friendly product, and each standard container can hold 1,000 pallets.

The reason why disposable molded wooden pallets have attracted so much attention is because of these characteristics, the same number of pallets can save 3/4 of the space compared to pallets of ordinary materials, and even bring better transportation effects when transporting.

Where can I buy disposable molded wooden pallets?

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