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Why are wooden pallets produced? What is the reason?


  The pallet is a total carrier for all the other party's goods, and it is also all the tools for mechanized loading, unloading and handling. However, this product can put all the scattered small goods in the container and collect them according to a certain quantity. It is transported in the form of a unit, and the existing unit transportation system must be formed together with a forklift. Why does this product appear during the actual use of wooden pallets?

Why are wooden pallets produced

  Reason 1: The development of the national economy

  When wooden pallets are in actual use, the national economy is constantly developing, especially as China has joined the World Trade Organization, the transportation policy of goods is gradually increasing, and the demand for pallets is also gradually increasing. Many pallets basically use solid wood as the main raw material to meet the actual needs of the pallet market. With the gradual reduction of forest resources, it is necessary to make full use of relatively small wood, and there are many surpluses in the process of processing. Things will be valued.

  Reason 2: The demand for dynamic carrying capacity

  In fact, among many different ranks, there will be a certain demand for dynamic carrying capacity. At present, these different products are often used in the handling of terminals, warehouses, warehouse workshops and shopping malls. It can store goods effectively, and the specifications of the pallets supplied are generally about 400 mm to 1100 mm.

  Why are there wooden pallets? As mentioned above.

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