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Why keep the press wood pallet dry


The press wood pallet needs to be kept dry:

As we all know, drying is an extremely important environmental factor for press wood pallet. If the storage environment is too humid, it will greatly affect the life of the press wood pallet. If you want to export, you must carry out strict fumigation and drying treatment. Today, Lemai's editor will introduce the important factors that affect the drying of press wood pallet.

Why keep the press wood pallet dry

First of all, many people know that press wood pallet is the most widely used product, because it is easy to manufacture, high compressive strength, simple specimens, long-lasting durability, low price, and the main purpose is universal, so it is used in logistics and storage. It is extremely common and essential. Press wood pallet is made of solid wood panels or solid wood multi-layer boards. It is not known that because the wood itself has a lot of water, and the press wood pallet with more water content is not a qualified press wood pallet, so how to make the press wood pallet Dryness seems extremely important.

1. Temperature

The temperature rise will accelerate the volatilization of water and increase the evaporation rate, which is very beneficial to the development of drying. However, the characteristics of different raw materials are also different. The appropriate drying temperature should be selected according to the characteristics of the raw materials to be dried to prevent some components from being destroyed, which is unfavorable to the application of press wood pallet.

2. Humidity

The humidity of the air is very important. Whether the humidity of the air itself or the humidity of the material increases due to evaporation, the drying time of the material will be prolonged and the drying efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, the airflow in the drying chamber and the oven is usually renewed and dried by a blower device so that the evaporation does not stop due to saturation of the relative humidity in the drying chamber during the drying process.

3. Pressure

Reducing the pressure can improve the evaporation conditions and speed up the drying, because the pressure is inversely proportional to the evaporation. When the dry extract is prepared by vacuum drying, the drying temperature can be reduced, the evaporation speed can be accelerated, and the product is loose and fragile; the active ingredients are not easily destroyed, and the solvent can also be recycled.

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