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press wooden pallet malaysia press wooden pallet malaysia
press wooden pallet malaysia
press wooden pallet malaysia

press wooden pallet malaysia - Lemai moulded wooden pallet Factory is one of the leading factories of various art materials in China. It is located in a county famous for its wide variety of wood. We can produce high-quality stretch rods and other wooden products from a variety of mature trees. We have high temperature cooking, controlled drying, infrared processing and automatic cutting equipment. We have obtained EN71-1,2,3 and FSC certificates. We ensure that our frames are non-toxic and tasteless. In addition, our products are durable and will never change their shape or color.

press wooden pallet malaysia - Lemai moulded wooden pallet Factory

  • press wooden pallet malaysia - Lemai moulded wooden pallet Factory

    Quick details:


    Material: wood


    Product Type: Wooden pallet


    Style: Country


    Regional characteristics: China


    Place of Origin: Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China


    Brand Name: Lemai


    Wood material: pine wood/or other wood according to customer requirements


    Color as shown


    Size: Picture display


    Shape: as shown in the picture or customized shape


    Logo: custom logo


    Packing method: carton or customer request


    Features: environmentally friendly


    Supply capacity:

    50,000 pieces per month


    Packing details:

    Shrink wrap carton


    press wooden pallet malaysia - Lemai moulded wooden pallet Factory

    product description:


    Wooden pallets are manufactured in automated equipment using the "particle board process". The pallet is made of recycled raw materials, possibly composed of bamboo pellets and ecological resin, and is a flat four-way forklift pallet. It is a one-piece structure with uniform strength in all directions. The lower part is equipped with a rib reinforcement design. Then the pellet and resin mixture is sprinkled into the mold and pressed under high temperature and high pressure.


    The local bamboo resources are rich, but in recent years the bamboo industry has developed slowly, declined or even stagnated. The income of bamboo farmers plummeted. The mountains are full of abandoned bamboo branches, dead bamboos and fallen bamboos. Many bamboos have been abandoned. Farmers are in danger of fire, and the bamboo industry urgently needs to transform and upgrade to find another way out. Ecological pressed bamboo pallets make full use of waste bamboo resources and the utilization rate of bamboo


    Reached more than 95%. Turn the fallen bamboo into treasures, and recycle its product ecological pressed bamboo pallets to replace disposable solid wood pallets for export. While creating economic and social benefits, it also solved ecological and environmental problems.


    press wooden pallet malaysia - Lemai moulded wooden pallet Factory



    Q1: Do you have your own factory?


    We have our own factory in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, so we have advantages in price and quality control.


    Q2: How to ensure product quality?


    We have advanced equipment, maintained on time every day to ensure good printing and cutting quality, and also have a professional quality inspection team to ensure that every batch of goods is qualified.


    Q3: How to ensure the accuracy of the product?


    After confirming the order, we will send the design sketch to you for confirmation, reconfirm the production samples, and then proceed to mass production.


    Q4: How to obtain samples? Is there a charge for samples? How long will the samples be shipped?


    1) Send an inquiry to contact the account manager for samples;

    2) Free spot samples are provided, the samples produced are chargers according to your requirements; the sample fee will be refunded according to the order amount;

    3) Samples will be sent within 7 days.


    Q5: How long will it be shipped?


    Delivery is usually within 15 to 20 working days after payment and confirmation of documents. If your order is urgent, we will adjust the schedule appropriately and continue to track the production process for you.


    Q6: How long will I receive a reply to the inquiry?

    In order to save your time, you need to provide us with the quantity, size, printing method, materials of the packing box, and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

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